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Expanding models of telling with interactive uncertainty

Reflections from an art practitioner

Published onNov 18, 2023
Expanding models of telling with interactive uncertainty

Next up was visual artist Vinh, a student at the Berlin art school in Weissensee. He began by changing the scale with a majestic gesture: the previous cortex sketch became a small dot in 3D space, and he immediately began drawing a folded piece of paper in the air. "This," he told us enthusiastically, "is how I get students to engage with art in museums". The students start by folding a piece of paper, then draw a part of an image they like in the exhibition and pass it on to another person who continues the drawing without knowing the previous part. Vinh demonstrated how this works by drawing in this mode for a few minutes while talking about his pedagogical work in this context. What if we introduced the use of 3D sketching for museum visits, we asked ourselves in the final discussion.

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