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Tandem demonstration

Getting ready to see variants

Published onNov 14, 2023
Tandem demonstration


Andreas Raabe takes over the beginning of the simulated intervention, started by Peter Vajkoczy. The chairman is going to go for another round of supervision at the tables of the participants. As Raabe dives in, following the approach through the Sylvian fissure as described in the lecture hall, he describes what he is seeing. He increases the magnification of the microscope to go deeper—the microscope is a navigation tool and a way of sharing one’s perspective in real-time with an assistant or audience. “This could be an aneurism, or it could be a branching, one of the classical variations of the basal anatomy.” As my colleague Anna explains, the more you operate the more you will be expecting the variants—because you’ve seen them all. This contributes to making the movements secure and controlled. “It’s really mental and the muscle together, not only knowledge.”

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