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Sunny side up on the spot

3D literacy, performance & atmosphere of conclusive workshop

Published onNov 18, 2023
Sunny side up on the spot

Some of the participants had to be "put on the spot" to perform in front of the audience. Linda, a student on the UdK Product Design Masters programme, was a bit shy, but happened to be particularly graphically eloquent with her 3D technique. She first announced an omelette, but seemed to change her mind at the start of the narrative sequence and ended up demonstrating how to cook an egg, sunny side up, "with ketchup". Linda was obviously more literate with 3D tools: she made an egg using a brush that creates circular shapes, and asked us how to duplicate objects (she ended up sketching every single pan). The humorous tone of this final performance speaks at length about the nice atmosphere that the sketching activity had created in the group: an openness that is not always easy to emulate in interdisciplinary contexts.

In the final discussion, we reflected on the different modalities of learning through sketching - for example, sketch mapping as a way of learning a cartographic representation by drawing it many times. Overall, the workshop demonstrated conclusively that sketching can be a way to disrupt the perfectionist glow of the 3D material used in scientific imagery and bring the focus back to the performance itself and the many ways it brings people together.

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